Dr. Sukanta Samanta

Assistant Professor

Dr. Sukanta Samanta joined the Institute in 09/Jan/2006

Born on : 02/May/1982

Contact Information

Office Phone No.: 03228 249444 1106

Residential Phone No.: 9475589971

Personal Phone No.: 9775005242

Email: sukanta.samanta@cemk.ac.in

Quarter No: C-40/6, KTPP Town Ship, Kolaghat, Purba Medinipur,

Educational Qualification

 SECONDARY from  WBBSE in the year of 1997 with  1st Division.

 HIGHER SECONDARY from  WBBHSE in  Pure Science in the year of 1999 with  1st Division.

 B. Sc. from  University of Calcutta (Narendrapur RKMRC) in  Mathematics (Hons.) in the year of 2003 with  1st Class.

 M. Sc. from  University of Calcutta (Raja Bazar Sc. College) in  Applied Mathematics in the year of 2005 with  1st Class.

 PhD from  Jadavpur University in  Plasma Dynamics in the year of 2014

Teaching & Research Experience

 Asst. Prof.,  CEM, Kolaghat (Teaching),  Till the Date.

 Researcher,  Jadavpur University (Research),  Six Years.

Research Paper published in International Journal

Effect of obliqueness and external magnetic field on the large amplitude solitary waves in a dusty plasma by  S. Samanta, A. P. Misra and A. R. Chowdhury ,  Planet. Space Sc. 55, 1380-1387 in  2007

Nonlinear propagation of dust ion-acoustic waves in a dusty quantum magnetoplasma. by  A. P. Misra, S. Samanta and A. R. Chowdhury, ,  J. Plasma Phys. 74, 197-205 in   2008

Quantum electron-acoustic double layers in a magnetoplasmamas by  A. P. Misra, S. Samanta ,   Phys. Plasmas, 15, 122307 in   2008

Singular waves in a magnetized pair-ion plasma by  S. Samanta and A. P. Misra, ,  Phys. Plasmas, 16, 074505 in  2009

Double –layer shocks in a magnetized quantum plasma by  A. P. Misra and S. Samanta ,  Phys. Rev. E82, 037401 in  2010

FDP/Seminar/Workshop/Conferences Organized

 Engineering Mathematics Teaching Organized by  Convenor: Dr. Sukanta Samanta, BSH, CEMKsponsored by  TEQIP-II during  9th July, 2013 .

 Various Aspects of Engineering Mathematics and Quantum Physics Organized by  Convenors: Dr. Sukanta Samanta & Mr. Mainak M. Das, BSH, CEMKsponsored by  TEQIP-II during  23rd & 24th December, 2013.

Summer/Winter Attended
  1. A National Seminar on “Mathematics & Applications” on 28th to 29th March, 2012 at the University of Burdwan.

  2. A Faculty & Staff Development Programme on “Hardware Software Co-Design & its Application in VLSI & Embedded System.” on 23rd February, 2013 at CEMK.

  3. A subject area Training Programme on “English Language Teaching.” on 26th June, 2013 at CEMK.

  4. The “MATLAB” Orientation Course organized at College of Engineering & Management, Kolaghat from 8th to 14th September, 2013 with Honors Distinction with the collaboration with IIT, Kharagpur.

  5. A “Faculty Development Programme” under TEQIP-IIon 2nd February, 2013.

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Subject taken at Undergraduate Level

BSM-101,BSM-102, BSM-202, M-302, M-402

Area of Specializations/Research Areas

Plasma Dynamics