Dr. Amit Kumar Jana

Assistant Professor

Born on : 19/Apr/1980

Contact Information

Office Phone No.: 03228249332-3104(Extn)

Email: amit@cemk.ac.in

Quarter No: FH-2/6

Educational Qualification

 PhD from  IIT Kharagpur in  Synthetic Organic Chemistry in the year of 2011

 MSc from  BHU in  Organic Chemistry in the year of 2005 with  1st Class.

Teaching & Research Experience

 Assistant Professor,  College of Engg. and Management Kolaghat,  2011 to till date.

 SRF,  IIT Kharagpur,  2008 - 2011.

 JRF,  IIT Kharagpur,  2006 - 2008.

Research Paper published in International Journal

A benzannulation for the regiodefined synthesis of 2-alkyl/aryl-1-naphthols: Total synthesis of Arnottin I by  D. Mal, A. K. Jana, P. Mitra P and K. Ghosh ,  J. Org. Chem. in  2011

A rapid entry to C-prenylcarbazoles: total synthesis of clausamine C–D, clausevatine D and clausine F by  A. K. Jana and D. Mal ,  Chem. Commun. in  2010

DBU-CH3I, a potential substitute for CH2N2 in the preparation of methyl esters and methyl aryl ethers: studies with assorted acids by  D. Mal, A. K. Jana, S. Ray, S. Bhattacharya, A. Patra and S. R. De ,  Synth. Commun. in  2008

Anionic [4+3] heteroannulation of 2-azidoacrylates: A modular synthesis of 2-benzazepine-1-ones by  B.K. Dinda, A.K. Jana and D. Mal ,  Chem. Commun. in  2012

Lateral lithiation-initiated annulations in the synthesis of 1-oxygenated carbazole alkaloids and a cycloheptacarbazole by  A. K. Jana, P. Pahari and D. Mal ,  Synlett in  2012

Recent trends in the synthesis of carbazoles: an update by  J. Roy, A.K. Jana and D. Mal ,  Tetrahedron in  2012

Research Paper published in National Journal

A convenient procedure for bis-esterification of cyclic anhydride by  A. K. Jana, R. Karmakar, B. K. Dinda, P. Mitra, K. Ghosh, R. D. Karmakar and D. Mal ,  J. Ind. Chem. Soc. in  2012

Sponsored Project

Project Title:  A convergent synthetic approach towards different carboline derivatives Sponsor:  SERB, DST Investigator (s): Dr. Amit Kumar JanaAmount: 22,60,000/-Duration: Three years.


1) Eli Lilly Asian Best Thesis Award with 1st Prize of $1500

2) Senior Research Fellow granted by UGC - (2007-2010)

3) Junior Research Fellow granted by UGC - (2005-2007)


Grants Fetched

A DST Fast Track Project granted by SERB, DST


Subject taken at Undergraduate Level

Engg. Chemistry

Area of Specializations/Research Areas

Synthetic organic Chemistry