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    Dr. Amit Kumar Jana

    Assistant Professor

    Born on : 19/Apr/1980

    Contact Information

    Office Phone No.: 03228249332-3104(Extn)


    Quarter No: FH-2/6

    Educational Qualification

     PhD from  IIT Kharagpur in  Synthetic Organic Chemistry in the year of 2011

     MSc from  BHU in  Organic Chemistry in the year of 2005 with  1st Class.

    Teaching & Research Experience

     Assistant Professor,  College of Engg. and Management Kolaghat,  2011 to till date.

     SRF,  IIT Kharagpur,  2008 - 2011.

     JRF,  IIT Kharagpur,  2006 - 2008.

    Research Paper published in International Journal

    A benzannulation for the regiodefined synthesis of 2-alkyl/aryl-1-naphthols: Total synthesis of Arnottin I by  D. Mal, A. K. Jana, P. Mitra P and K. Ghosh ,  J. Org. Chem. in  2011

    A rapid entry to C-prenylcarbazoles: total synthesis of clausamine C–D, clausevatine D and clausine F by  A. K. Jana and D. Mal ,  Chem. Commun. in  2010

    DBU-CH3I, a potential substitute for CH2N2 in the preparation of methyl esters and methyl aryl ethers: studies with assorted acids by  D. Mal, A. K. Jana, S. Ray, S. Bhattacharya, A. Patra and S. R. De ,  Synth. Commun. in  2008

    Anionic [4+3] heteroannulation of 2-azidoacrylates: A modular synthesis of 2-benzazepine-1-ones by  B.K. Dinda, A.K. Jana and D. Mal ,  Chem. Commun. in  2012

    Lateral lithiation-initiated annulations in the synthesis of 1-oxygenated carbazole alkaloids and a cycloheptacarbazole by  A. K. Jana, P. Pahari and D. Mal ,  Synlett in  2012

    Recent trends in the synthesis of carbazoles: an update by  J. Roy, A.K. Jana and D. Mal ,  Tetrahedron in  2012

    Research Paper published in National Journal

    A convenient procedure for bis-esterification of cyclic anhydride by  A. K. Jana, R. Karmakar, B. K. Dinda, P. Mitra, K. Ghosh, R. D. Karmakar and D. Mal ,  J. Ind. Chem. Soc. in  2012

    Sponsored Project

    Project Title:  A convergent synthetic approach towards different carboline derivatives Sponsor:  SERB, DST Investigator (s): Dr. Amit Kumar JanaAmount: 22,60,000/-Duration: Three years.


    1) Eli Lilly Asian Best Thesis Award with 1st Prize of $1500

    2) Senior Research Fellow granted by UGC - (2007-2010)

    3) Junior Research Fellow granted by UGC - (2005-2007)


    Grants Fetched

    A DST Fast Track Project granted by SERB, DST


    Subject taken at Undergraduate Level

    Engg. Chemistry

    Area of Specializations/Research Areas

    Synthetic organic Chemistry


    The major functions of this Cell are organizing specialized training both in domain as well as soft skill area for corporate grooming of the students and to provide assistance for suitable placement in different corporates / industries.