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Dr.. Seba Maity

Assistant Professor

Dr.. Seba Maity joined the Institute in 06/Jan/2009

Born on : 13/Nov/1971

Contact Information

Personal Phone No.: 9474039024


Educational Qualification

 Ph. D in Engg from  Indian Institute of Engg. Sc. & Tech., Shibpur in  Digital Image Watermarking in the year of 2014 with  --.

 M. E. from  Bengal Engg. & Sc. University, Shibpur in  Electronics and Telecommunication Engg. in the year of 2004 with  1st Class.

 A.M.I.E (Electronics & Telecom. Engg.) from  The Institute of Engineers (I) in  Electronics and Telecommunication Engg. in the year of 2000

 P.D.C.A (Post Diploma in Comp. Application) from  W. B. S.C. T.E in the year of 1999 with  1st class.

 Diploma in Electronics and Telecommunication Engg. from  W. B. S.C. T.E in  Electronics and Telecommunication Engg. in the year of 1994 with  1st class.

Teaching & Research Experience

 Assistant Professor,  College of Engg. & Management, Kolaghat,  Since 9th January, 2006.

 Lecturer,  Narula Institute of Technology, Agarpara,  02.03.05- 07.01.06.

 Lecturer,  Calcutta Inst. of Engg. &Manag., Tollyguange,  01.01.05- 01.03.05.

 Lecturer,  Hoogly Engg. & Tech. College, Hoogly,  12.08.04-31.12.04.

Books Published

 Book on watermarking, Edited by Mithun Das Gupta by  Santi P. Maity, Claude Delpha, Seba Maity and Jaya Sil , InTech in  May 2012.

Research Paper published in International Journal

Perceptually adaptive MC-SS image watermarking using GA-NN Hybridization in Fading Gain by  Santi P. Maity, Seba Maity, Jaya Sil and Claude Delpha ,  Special issue on Journal Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, Elsevier in  May, 2014

Optimized Spread spectrum watermarking for fading-like collusion attack with improved detection by  Santi P. Maity, Seba Maity, Jaya Sil and Claude Delpha ,  Special Issue on Wireless Personal Communications Journal, Springer Verlag in  2013

Collusion resilient spread spectrum watermarking in M-band wavelets using GA-Fuzzy hybridization by  Santi P. Maity, Seba Maity, Jaya Sil and Claude Delpha ,  Journal of Systems and Software, Elsevier Science in  2013

Multicarrier spread spectrum watermarking for secure error concealment in Fading channel by  Santi P. Maity, Seba Maity, Jaya Sil and Claude Delpha ,  Special issue of Springer Telecommunication Journal in  2012

Multistage Spread Spectrum Watermark Detection Technique using Fuzzy Logic by  Santi P. Maity, Seba Maity ,  IEEE Signal Processing Letters in  April 2009

Dual purpose FWT domain spread spectrum image watermarking in real-time by  Santi P. Maity, Malay K. Kundu, and Seba Maity ,  Special issues: circuits & systems for real-time security & copyright protection of multimedia in  March 2009

Wavelet Based Hilbert Transform with Digital Design and Application to QCM-SS watermarking by  Santi P. Maity, and Seba Maity ,  Radio Engineering, Proceedings of Czech and Slovak Technical Universities in  April 2008

Research Paper published in International Conferences

On Detection Improvement in MC-CDMA Image Watermarking on Fading Channel from  Santi P. Maity and Seba Maity in  13-16th December, 2015, Hyderabad, India

Research Paper published in National Conferences

MR Imaging via Reduced Generalized Autocalibrating Partially Parallel Acquisition Compressed Sensing from  Sheikh Rafiul Islam, Seba Maity, Santi P. Maity, Ajay K. Ray in  19th December, 2016

Detection on Retinal Images, MedImage Workshop from  Sudeshna Sil Kar, Santi P. Maity and Seba Maity in  19th December, 2016

FDP/Seminar/Workshop/Conferences Organized

 Sign Organized by  Convener,ECE Dept. of College of Engineering and Management, Kolaghatsponsored by  TEQUIP-II during  23rd June 2015 to 27th June 20.

Subject taken at Undergraduate Level

Communication Engineering ( Analog & Digital ) , Signal & System , Coding & Information Theory, Digital Electronics, Basic Electronics etc.

Area of Specializations/Research Areas

Image Processing, Communication Engineering


The major functions of this Cell are organizing specialized training both in domain as well as soft skill area for corporate grooming of the students and to provide assistance for suitable placement in different corporates / industries.