Electrical Engineering

Mr.Shibaji Mondal

Assistant Professor , Electrical Engineering

Mr.Shibaji Mondal joined the Institute in 11/08/2010

Born on : 15/10/1977

Contact Information

Residential Phone No.: 03326745793

Personal Phone No.: 9239337336

Quarter No: FH-1/1/24

Educational Qualification

 Master In Engineering from  Jadavpur University in  Power Engineering in the year of 2008 with  1 st Class.

 Bachelor Of Technology from  West Bengal University Of Technology in  Electrical Engineering in the year of 2005 with  1 st Class.

 Bachelor Of Science from  Calcutta University in  Pure Science in the year of 1998 with  1 st Class.

Teaching & Research Experience

 Assistant Professor,  College Of Engineering And Management Kolaghat,  2010 to Till now.

 Ph.D Registration is completed from Electrical Engineering Department at NIT Meghalaya,  NIT Meghalaya,  2019 to continue.

 Lecturer In Electrical Engineering,  Mallabhum Institute Of Technology Bishnupur Bankura,  2007 June to 2010 july.

FDP/Seminar/Workshop/Conferences Organized

 “Distributed Generation, The power paradigm for the new millennium” Organized by  College Of Engineering And Management Kolaghatsponsored by  TEQIP -II during  Sept 28th-29th 2013..

  “Soft computing techniques-Application to Engineering Disciplines” Organized by  College Of Engineering And Management Kolaghatsponsored by  The Institution of Engineers & IEEE Power & Energy Society [Kolkata Section] during  1 week.

 "Modern Trends in Computer Applications” Organized by  IET Membersponsored by  IET Kolkata Section during  1 Day.

Summer/Winter Attended

1. Short Term Course On Expert System &Machine Intelligence Techniques. from Jan24-29, 2017..

2. Short Term Course On Advances in Robotics & Mechatronics. from June 23-29, 2013.

3. VLSI, Communication and Signal Processing. Design &Implementation,from June 17-23 ,2013.

4.Various Aspects Of Engineering Mathematics & Quantum Physics. from Dec 23-24, 2013.

5.Signal processing, Image Processing & Communication System. from June 23-27, 2015

6.Regional Workshop for faculty satisfaction survey,from Sep 25th,2014

Interaction with Professional Bodies

Training & Faculty Development Programme(FDP):--

1.“Artificial Intelligence" oganised by AICTE Training And Learning (ATAL) Academy from 31 st August        2020 to 4th Oct 2020.

2. FDP for Effective Teaching (Pedagogy)  oganised by   IIT Kharagpur from Jan20-22, 2015

3. Knowledge Management for organization effectiveness  oganised by JPC Jaipur.(Rajasthan) from Oct17-       21,2016

4. Pedagogy and Management Capacity Enhancement Program oganised by ESCI,The Institute Of       Engineers(INDIA)  Andaman and Nicobar Islands  from Mar 17-19, 2017.




Subject taken at Undergraduate Level

Circuit Theory , Control System, Energy Management & Audit,Basic Electrical, Electrical Machine

Area of Specializations/Research Areas

Power Engineering/Electrical Engineering(Advanced Intelligent Control Strategies for Robust Operation in Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine Drives)