Mechanical Engineering

Ms. Tanushree Jana

Assistant Professor , Mechanical Engineering

Ms. Tanushree Jana joined the Institute in 09/07/2012

Born on : 05/06/1985

Contact Information

Personal Phone No.: 9851390651

Quarter No: FH-1/2/23

Educational Qualification

 M.Tech from  W.B.U.T in  Mechanical in the year of 2011 with  1st class.

 B.Tech from  .B.P.U.T in  Mechanical in the year of 2008 with  1st class.

Teaching & Research Experience

 Asst Prof,  C.E.M,Kolaghat,  8+ yrs (continuing).

 Lecturer,  G.I.S.T,Haldia,  3yrs.

Research Paper published in International Conferences

 Design and perfprmance analysis of two jaw robot gripper using topological optimization. from  Tanushree Jana,Dr.B.Bepari,A.Batabyal  Elsevier in  2016

Sponsored Project

Project Title:  Mirigold mala making machine Sponsor:  UBA Investigator (s): IIT Delhi

Subject taken at Undergraduate Level

Metrology & Measurement, Metrology & Measurement-Lab, Material Handling, Design Practice. Work Shop Practice.Solid Mechanics.

Area of Specializations/Research Areas

Manufacturing Technology/Robotics.