Placement Statistics

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2010-2014 batch


2011-2015 batch


2012-2016 batch


2013-2017 batch


2014-2018 batch(Ongoing)








List of few students in reputed industry/institutes

Sayak  Chakraborty, Pursuing MS, TEXAS &AM University, USA, 2010-14 batch

Abhishek  Pal, Pursuing MS, TEXAS &AM University, USA, 2010-14 batch

Abhilash  Nandi, Tractor India, 2010-14 batch

Somnath Santra, Pursuing PhD,IIT KGP, 2010-14 batch

Kaustav Bagchi, Microsoft India (R&D), 2010-14 batch

Chiranjit Roy, Pursuing PhD, IIT Madras, 2010-14 batch

Biswajit Roy, Sr. Engineer - Business Development, Engineering Pvt. 2011-15 batch

SUDEEP PAUL, Pursuing PhD NIT Durgapur ,2011-2015 batch.

Samrat Singha, Om surgicals , Bombai,Mechanical design engineer , 2011-15 batch

Debankan Mukherjee, Pursuing MS, Hochscule Hof , Germany, 2011-15 batch

Soumen Nayek, Pursuing M Tech, IIT Dhanbad, 2011-15 batch

Saikat Chakraborty, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd, R&D Rohtak, 2011-15 batch

Sudhyodan  Maity, Mather & Platt, 2011-15 batch


The major functions of this Cell are organizing specialized training both in domain as well as soft skill area for corporate grooming of the students and to provide assistance for suitable placement in different corporates / industries.