Research Areas

Research Areas:

Prof. Shankar Prasad Ghosh:

        High Voltage Engineering, Electromagnetic Field Theory, Non-conventional Energy, Energy Bidding & Deregulated Power Systems


Prof. Shobha Gupta:

   Electrical Instrumentation

Prof. Debi Prasad Chakrabarty:

        Digital Microfloppies, Electrical Machines


Prof. Tirtha Sankar Daphadar:

        Power System Protection, Economic Operation of Power Systems,FACTS, Deregulated Power System


Prof. Debabrata Mukherjee:

    Power System, Electrical Machines, PLC & SCADA

Prof. Shibaji Mondal:

      Power Engineering/Electrical Engineering


Prof. Subhra Jana:

      Fault Diagnosis in Multi Bus Power Networks using Advanced Signal Processing and Pattern Recognition Techniques


Prof. Partha Mishra:

      Diagnosis of Stator Inter-turn Faults in Induction Motor in different situations such as no load, on load, voltage unbalance etc., High Voltage Enggineering, Non-conventional Energy


Prof. Animesh Karmakar:

      Power Electronics & Drives, Relay Coordination with distributed generators


Prof. Avia Metia:

           Distribution System, Distributed Generation, Power Quality, Unified Power Quality Conditioner