Director’s Message


Dear Freshers,

I heartily welcome you all to College of Engineering & Management, Kolaghat for a very bright and exciting future. I assure you of my continuous guidance and support in your endeavour to become a high quality engineering professional.

Becoming high quality engineering professional in the backdrop of globalization is a tough challenge and we are striving very hard to meet the challenge. The paradigm of engineering education is fast undergoing a sea-change.

The theoretical expertise in domain knowledge is not the exclusive forte of today's engineers. It has to be blended with pragmatic approach and practical orientation.
I urge the students to develop at least one skill of making a product, however small it is, in this 4 year of study in engineering.

As you may be aware, the Government of India has given a clarion call of "Make in India". This highlights the need to develop indigenous skill sets of designing and developing products that find enough market in this country and abroad. In this context, Prof. Ajoy Kr. Ray, Director,IIEST,Shibpur, emphasizes development of a culture of innovation within the higher education system so that tomorrow's captains are capable enough to accept the challenge.

Besides, all-round development of your personality with necessary quality attributes is of immense importance in today's world.

On the one hand, several recent studies point out the growing problem of unemployment (and under employment) of engineering students in the country.
On the other hand, industry is complaining of unavailability of competent students on a par with its requirement. In fact, India's problem is not unemployment but un-employability of engineers.

Detailed interactions by us with the corporates/industry reveal the following weaknesses among students:

  • Lack of clarity about basics and concepts as well as practical orientation in domain knowledge.
  • Poor communication and presentation skill.

The following programmes through expert agencies are being implemented.

  • Domain area
  • Corporate Quality Attributes
  • Enhancement of communication and presentation skill
  • Mock interview in technical domain and HR
  • Invited Talks by Academicians and Industry experts

I like to mention here that college provides varied platforms like Tech Fest, Spandan, Debate, and Elocution competitions, Business plan presentations , Robotics, etc., where students can hone their skills with the enjoyment of every moment during their stay in the campus.

I have my firm belief in the ability of our students and the guiding faculty members.

I also appreciate the initiative and concern of the parents in ensuring a bright and exciting future of our students. Let us take a pledge together ------- "WE CAN"

I wish you all the best in your endeavour to become a high quality engineering professional

Prof.(Dr.) Narendra Nath Jana