Academic Curriculum

Applied Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering Seventh Semester
Sl No.Subject CodeSemesterTitleCredits Hours/WeekSubject TypeSyllabus
1 EI-701 Seventh Telemetry & Remote control44 Theory
2 EI-702 Seventh Analytical Instrumentation44 Theory
3 EI-703 Seventh Process controll -II44 Theory
4 ENGLANG Seventh English11 Theory
5 ES-CS701 Seventh Computer Networks33 Theory
6 GEI Seventh GATE (Mathematics)13 Theory
7 OE-EI701 Seventh Telemetry and Wireless Sensor Network33 Theory
8 PE-EI702 Seventh Digital Control System33 Theory
9 PE-EI703 Seventh Analytical Instrumentation33 Theory
10 EI-701T Seventh Telemetry & Remote control (Tutorial)11 Practical
11 EI-702T Seventh Analytical Instrumentation(Tutorial)11 Practical
12 EI-703T Seventh Process controll -II (Tutorial)11 Practical
13 EI-791 Seventh Telemetry & Remote control Lab23 Practical
14 EI 704A Seventh Communication Theory33 Elective Theory
15 EI 794A Seventh Communication Theory Lab23 Elective Practical
16 EI705B Seventh Multimedia33 Elective Practical
17 EI795B Seventh Multimedia Lab23 Elective Practical