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Academic Curriculum

Electrical Engineering Third Semester
Sl No.Subject CodeSemesterTitleCredits Hours/WeekSubject TypeSyllabus
1 BS-M(F)301 Third Mathematics (Special)- II13 Theory
2 EC(EE)301 Third Analog Electronic circuits33 Theory
3 EC(EE)302 Third Digital Electronics Circuits 33 Theory
4 EE 301 Third Electric Circuit Theory43 Theory
5 EE 302 Third Field Theory43 Theory
6 M302 Third Mathematics-III44 Theory
7 MCS-301 Third Numerical Methods23 Theory
8 EC(EE)391 Third Analog & Digital Circuit Lab23 Practical
9 EE 301 T Third Electric Circuit Tutorial11 Practical
10 EE 302T Third Field Theory Tutorial11 Practical
11 EE 391 Third Electric Circuit Lab33 Practical
12 HU381 Third Technical Report Writing & Language Lab Practice22 Practical
13 MCS-301 (T) Third Numerical Methods (T)11 Practical
14 MCS-391 Third Numerical Methods Lab12 Practical


The major functions of this Cell are organizing specialized training both in domain as well as soft skill area for corporate grooming of the students and to provide assistance for suitable placement in different corporates / industries.