Academic Curriculum

Electrical Engineering Seventh Semester
Sl No.Subject CodeSemesterTitleCredits Hours/WeekSubject TypeSyllabus
1 EE 701 Seventh Electric Drives44 Theory
2 EE 702 Seventh Utilization of Electric Power43 Theory
3 ENGLANG Seventh English11 Theory
4 HM-EE701 Seventh Principle of Management33 Theory
5 OE-EE701B Seventh Internet of Things33 Theory
6 OE-EE702C Seventh Computer Networks33 Theory
7 PC-EE 701 Seventh Electric Drive33 Theory
8 PE-EE 701C Seventh Power Generation Economics33 Theory
9 EE 702 T Seventh Utilization of Electric Power Tutorial41 Practical
10 EE 782 Seventh Electrical System design Lab I13 Practical
11 EE 791 Seventh Electric Drives lab13 Practical
12 PC-EE 791 Seventh Electric Drive Lab12 Practical
13 EE 703 A Seventh Power System III13 Elective Theory
14 EE 792C Seventh Digital communication Lab23 Elective Practical
15 EE 704 D Seventh Renewable & Non Conv. Energy13 Elective Practical
16 EE-704A Seventh High voltage Engineering32 Elective Practical
17 EE705C Seventh Digital communication33 Elective Practical
18 EE 783 Seventh Project11 Elective Practical