Academic Curriculum

Information Technology Second Semester
Sl No.Subject CodeSemesterTitleCredits Hours/WeekSubject TypeSyllabus
1 BS-CH201 Second Chemistry-I44 Theory
2 BS-M201 Second Mathematics –IIA44 Theory
3 CS201 Second Basic Computing & Principles of Computer Programming33 Theory
4 ES-CS201 Second Programming for Problem Solving33 Theory
5 ES<>201 Second Basic Electrical & electronics Engineering-II22 Theory
6 ES201 Second Basic Electrical & Electronic Engineering 42 Theory
7 F_Chem Second Field Chemistry33 Theory
8 HM-HU201 Second English33 Theory
9 ME201 Second ETFM41 Theory
10 S_Skill Second Soft Skills11 Theory
11 SP_Math Second Mathematics (Special)11 Theory
12 BS-CH291 Second Chemistry-I Laboratory (Group-A)32 Practical
13 CH 291 Second CHEMISTRY LAB23 Practical
14 CS201(T) Second Basic Computing & Principles of Computer Programmi11 Practical
15 CS291 Second Basic Computing & Principles of Computer Programming Lab23 Practical
16 ES-CS291 Second Programming for Problem Solving Laboratory32 Practical
17 ES-ME291 Second Engineering Graphics & Design Laboratory32 Practical
18 ES291 Second Basic Electrical & electronics Engineering lab-II13 Practical
19 HM-HU291 Second Language Laboratory23 Practical
20 ME292 Second Engineering Graphics & Drawing41 Practical
21 n/a Second n/a23 Practical