Academic Curriculum

Electronic and Communication Engineering Fourth Semester
Sl No.Subject CodeSemesterTitleCredits Hours/WeekSubject TypeSyllabus
1 BS-B401 Fourth Biology for Engineers33 Theory
2 BS-B401 Fourth Biology for Engineers33 Theory
3 BS-M401 Fourth Numerical Methods (BS)22 Theory
4 BS-M401 Fourth Numerical Methods (BS)22 Theory
5 EC401 Fourth Analog Communication33 Theory
6 EC402 Fourth Analog Electronic Circuits33 Theory
7 EC402 Fourth Analog Electronics CircuitS33 Theory
8 EC403 Fourth Microprocessor & microcontroller33 Theory
9 EC403 Fourth Microprocessor & Microcontrollers33 Theory
10 ES-CS401 Fourth Design and Analysis of Algorithms (ES)33 Theory
11 ES-CS401 Fourth Design & Analysis of Algorithm (ES)33 Theory
12 BS-M(CS)491 Fourth Numerical Methods Lab12 Practical
13 BS-M(CS)491 Fourth Numerical Methods Lab13 Practical
14 EC<>491 Fourth EM THEORY & TRANSMISSION LINES Lab23 Practical
15 EC491 Fourth Analog Communication Lab13 Practical
16 EC491 Fourth Analog Communication Lab12 Practical
17 EC492 Fourth Analog Electronic Circuits Lab.12 Practical
18 EC492 Fourth Analog Electronics Circuits Lab13 Practical
19 EC493 Fourth Microprocessor & Microcontrollers Lab12 Practical
20 EC493 Fourth Microprocessor & Microcontroller Lab13 Practical
21 HS-HU481 Fourth Soft Skill Development Lab13 Practical