Academic Curriculum

Mechanical Engineering Fourth Semester
Sl No.Subject CodeSemesterTitleCredits Hours/WeekSubject TypeSyllabus
1 ES-ME401 Fourth Materials Engineering33 Theory
2 M 402 Fourth Mathematics-344 Theory
3 M(CS)401 Fourth Numerical Methods22 Theory
4 MC401 Fourth Environmental Science11 Theory
5 ME402 Fourth Mechanism33 Theory
6 ME403 Fourth Primary manufacturing Process44 Theory
7 PC-ME401 Fourth Applied Thermodynamics33 Theory
8 PC-ME402 Fourth Fluid Mechanics & Fluid Machines44 Theory
9 PC-ME403 Fourth Strength of Materials33 Theory
10 PC-ME404 Fourth Metrology & Instrumentation33 Theory
11 M(CS)491 Fourth Numerical Methods Lab12 Practical
12 MC 481 Fourth Environmental Science12 Practical
13 ME491 Fourth Fluid Mechanics & Hydrullic Lab23 Practical
14 ME492 Fourth Manuf. Technology Lab23 Practical
15 ME493 Fourth Material Testing Lab23 Practical
16 PC-404(T) Fourth Metrology & Instrumentation (Tutorial)11 Practical
17 PC-ME401(T) Fourth Applied Thermodynamics (Tutorial)11 Practical
18 PC-ME402(T) Fourth Fluid Mechanics & Fluid Machines (Tutorial)11 Practical
19 PC-ME403(T) Fourth Strength of Materials (Tutorial)11 Practical
20 PC-ME491 Fourth Practice of Manufacturing Processes & Systems Labo23 Practical
21 PC-ME492 Fourth Machine Drawing-I23 Practical