Academic Curriculum

Mechanical Engineering Sixth Semester
Sl No.Subject CodeSemesterTitleCredits Hours/WeekSubject TypeSyllabus
1 HM-HU601 Sixth Operation Research33 Theory
2 HU611 Sixth Production & Operation Management 22 Theory
3 MC601 Sixth Constitution of India12 Theory
4 ME601 Sixth IC Engines and Gas Turbine33 Theory
5 ME602 Sixth Mach. Princ. & Machine Tool34 Theory
6 ME603 Sixth Machine Design33 Theory
7 PC-ME601 Sixth Manufacturing Technology44 Theory
8 PC-ME602 Sixth Design of Machine Elements44 Theory
9 PE-ME601A Sixth Internal Combustion Engines and Gas Turbines33 Theory
10 PE-ME602D Sixth Fluid Power Control33 Theory
11 PE-ME602I Sixth Material Handling33 Theory
12 ME691 Sixth Mach. & Mach Tools Lab23 Practical
13 ME692 Sixth IC Engine Lab23 Practical
14 ME693 Sixth Design Practice-II23 Practical
15 ME694 Sixth Dynamics of Machines Lab23 Practical
16 ME695 Sixth Air Cond. & Refrig. Lab23 Practical
17 PC-ME691 Sixth Mechanical Engineering Laboratory (Design)23 Practical
18 PW-ME681 Sixth Project-II24 Practical
19 ME604A Sixth Air Conditioning & Refrig.33 Elective Theory
20 ME605A Sixth Materials Handling53 Elective Practical
21 ME605C Sixth Turbo Machinaries53 Elective Practical