Activities of General Council


General Council (GC) of the college is the hub of the numerous extra-curricular and co-curricular activities ranging from sports to socio-cultural activitiesFrom its inception in 1998, the GC has played a key role among the students by cultivating and nurturing their talents and hobbies. The motto of General Council is to promote a culture of sportsmanship and teamwork by providing the students the necessary platform to excel. Subsequently constitution of GC was made and formally approved in 49th Governing Body Meeting of the college held on 1st October 2018. Executive Council of the GC consists of students elected by the students. It also consists of nominated  Faculty and Staff. It is primarily managed by the students under the guidance and active participation of the faculty and staff members. The President of the GC have full administrative power over the affairs of the council and he controls and operate all the funds.


There are a wide variety of clubs under GC to explore talent and promote various hobbies and interests of the students.The college has Basketball Courts, Volleyball Courts, Football Ground, Indoor Badminton Courts, and well equipped Gymnasium (separately for Boys and Girls). The clubs being run by GC include the Dramatics Club (Agantuk)Photography Club, Debating Club, Music Club, Dance Club, Robotics Club, Gaming Club, Coding Club, Model building Club, Movie Club etc.


The GC organises the Cultural Fest SPANDAN as well as Tech Fest RESONANCE each year in the campus.

The annual Tech-cultural Magazine, CORONA  is published by the GC to promote literary talent, ability to explore technical writing, creativity, intellectual discussion and journalistic talent among the students. The magazine is also contributed by the Faculties and employees.

As per approval of the competent authority, the following is the list of office bearers of the General Counsil of the Academic Year 2019-20.